To empower job seekers in the application process by making the ambiguous crystal clear.

Our Mission

For a lot of people, job searching is difficult. Our mission is to combine our experience in the career world with our interest in empowering individuals to create documents that reflect your unique talents and abilities. We also value direct communication, and will give advice that is based on what we learn from recruiters and hiring managers. With our values in empowerment and direct communication, we strive to make the application process easy for our clients.

Our History

As a Career Coach, Crystal saw that there was a need for affordable career support for adults and veterans who weren’t enrolled at a college or university. Danielle, an eager entrepreneur, loved the idea and immediately jumped on board. After Crystal helped write documents for Danielle, both were even more committed to helping others feel empowered and confident in their job search. Crystal Clear Careers was founded in 2021.